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2012-10-22 19:56:11
hi friends, I have finished my new site with police hats
Ill be glad if someone finds to trade.

Best regards Richard, Slovakia

very nice site Alexander
Willi Grillmaier
2012-10-15 19:37:01
beautiful websites, wonderful hats. congratulation. would be very glad to make some trades with you!
2012-06-05 16:31:57
Nice page Alexander!

Im searching for the policecap of the Nauro Police Force. Mybe you can support here.

Or just check my webside.

Best regards
from Germany
2012-06-04 11:21:15
Hello nice greetings from Lithuania Very nice website. My name is Aloyzas Indrasius and Im a police officer from Lithuania and also Im a collector of police hats . If you need some items from Lithuanian police please write me
Richi K.
2012-05-24 20:43:36
nice greetings from Slovakia, I was a cop and together with my son collect police caps .. I have to exchange a new police cap Slovak police ..... if anyone would like to contact via mail ...otherwise great collection and great site..
2012-04-08 18:20:47
Excellent site. Greetings from Spain.
Im a collector of police material. I hope to start a good relationship with you.
2012-02-15 15:12:41
ATTENTION for ALL collectors!
In Russia this year a new uniform! Patches are already accessible to trade or sale. The hat will be very soon accessible to trade or sale. Inform on your wishes
2012-02-09 14:38:34
Very nice website. Like the hats you have.
I can offer you a ass. commissioners hat of the Dutch City Police (used until 1993) ver good condition.
Maybe we can exchange hats?
Armindo Ribeiro
2012-01-13 15:53:10
Hello Alexander,

Amazing hats collection.
The website is superb.
Greetings from Portugal
A. Ribeiro
Juan Sanchez
2011-12-29 14:16:04
Hello from Spain

Execellent collection and very nice web site. Hope to make a change with you.

Best regards

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