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Romăo Neves
2007-05-16 10:14:56
Hello do All collectors.
I would like to report that 5 months later, Raul Finolleti from Argentina, decided to complete the agreement we have, by sending is parcel. However it does not changes what I think about him.
Greetings to All police insignia collectors.
Heiko Krüger
2007-05-07 18:25:41
Dear Sir,

a remarkable exposition with much love and
diligence developed! This alive piece of police
history earns praise and acknowledgment. I wish
you further still quite much success and joy with
this hobby!

With friendly collecting tank greetings

Heiko Krüger
Policeofficer in pension
Aalen, Region Baden-Württemberg
2007-04-01 09:23:38
Hello Friend, Im Marco police officer from Italy.
I collect police hats worldwide. You have great collection.
Also me have problems with inspector Raul Finolletti from Argentina. I sent him 2 caps and some patches. He promised me 2 hats from Argentina but He returned me nothing in trade and never answsered my many email.
Romăo Neves
2007-03-30 19:03:47
Hello Alexander.
I see your collection is growing very fast. I am glad I was able to help you with that.
Another thing that is an ALERT to YOU and ALL COLLECTORS: Be carefull with the guy that signed your guestbook called INSPECTOR RAÚL A. FINOLLETTI, from Buenos Aires - Argentina, because he is not an honest collector. I am having problems with him and the same it was also reported to me by another collector from Czech Rep..
Greetings to all from Madeira Island - Portugal
Romăo Neves
Borja Castillo
2007-03-02 15:49:05
Hi Alexander!!

Still you haven`t put my hat in your page!!

I hope that you it has pleased and already you know, if you know please which collects Police patches, that puts in contact with me.

Good Luck with your collection.

Best regards of your friend of Spain

Andrés Villalobos
2007-02-25 11:30:45
Hi Alexander:

My Congratulations for the fantastic Web-site. You have a great collection, I hope to contact very soon and to exchange some head garment. Increasing our collections considerably.

He/she receives a cordial greeting and my more distinguished consideration.

Andrés Villalobos
Guardia Civil(Spain)
Gérard Guittat (France)
2007-02-21 18:47:35
Very happy to know an other Police caps collector.
Great homepage. Congratulations.
Have a look on my own website about Police caps from all over the World...

Regards from France.

2007-01-19 03:18:25
Hi Alexander

Im from montreal canada and Im a new comer in the police hat collection.Your hats in the trade list are beautiful.My favorite is the czechia police officer have a very nice site keep up the good work.

ps:will come and visit again its in my favorites.Maybe will exchange one day

Regards Aldo

Regards Aldo
2006-12-01 09:46:36
Hello Alexander,
Im a police collector from Burgos city police (Spain).
Alexander you have a Great hats police collection. Wonderful..Congratulations........

I also have a great police collection: Complet police uniforms, caps, helmets, badges, patches, current and former police photos from the 5 continents countries.
I have police items from 150 countries of the world.

Greetings from Burgos Police to all police collectors of Russia and others Countries of the world.
Congratulations for all Police Officers. We have a very very difficulf job...In Spain we say: ˇVIVA LA POLICIA! in FRANCE ˇVIVE LA POLICE!
2006-11-14 23:02:14
Hello I am the Inspector RAÚL FINOLLETTI of the Police of the County of Buenos Aires of the Republic Argentina; I am police collector of patches and caps. -
Excuse my audacity I obtained their address of a book of a collectors visits.
If he has interest in exchanging some elements with me I wait their message. –
Pardon for my English, I am using a translator. -
A greeting from the Republic Argentina. -


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